How To Buy Guide

How to buy from the website
This is a quick guide on how to buy a product using the Shopping Cart and secure payments method on, Please Note: Orders and Deliveries can only be completed in the UK

Step 1

Find the product you are interested in, either on the products page or the individual product page (in this example it's the General Purpose Absorbent Pads x50 GPAP50). To buy the product click 'Add to Shopping Basket' button or click the 'Buy Now' button on the right of the product picture.

Step 2

After clicking the 'Add to Shopping Basket' or 'Buy Now' button it will take you to the Shopping Cart page which shows you the product(s) you are buying. It also confirms the price and delivery costs. To change the quantity of the product type the number you require in the quantity box and click 'Recalculate'.

a) To carry on shopping (if you want to look through the rest of the products) click the 'continue shopping' link near the top of the page.


b) To pay for the products click the 'Go To Payments' button.

Step 3

Type your name, address, post code and email address (your email address is how we contact you so please make sure this is correct). Click 'Continue'.

Step 4

This page confirms your details and the product(s) you are buying. If they are correct please click 'Continue'. (Please note that the payment will appear as Nochex on your bank account statement.)

Step 5

Please click on the payment method of your choice.

Step 6

Simply fill in your card details, and double check everything is correct. Tick the box near the bottom of the page to show you agree and understand our terms and then click 'Make Payment'. That's it. You should receive a confirmation email and receive your products in the next few days. Any problems please email:

That's it, simple as that. Any problems though contact us