Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you buy from your website?
    How to Buy from us. Simply go to the products page (this will bring up a list of our different products) then click the product you are interested in. Then simply click the buy now button, this adds it to the shopping cart. Click pay now and this takes you to the secure Nochex payment page. Fill in your details and that will inform us of your order and we will then send you your new products... it's that easy. A more detailed guide on how to buy from our site can be found here. Please Note: Orders and Deliveries can only be completed in the UK

  • Is your website secure?
    Yes, no information is kept by us and all credit card transactions are carried out be the secure payment site Nochex. We do keep an invoice of your order offline.

  • Why don't I have to register an account with you?
    We do not require you to register because we respect your privacy.

  • Wouldn't it be easier for me if my information was stored?
    The information we request from you at checkout is very minimal, and with the advance of browser capabilties, many people have their computers automatically fill out their information. Again, we respect your privacy.

  • What if I wanted to place the same order as last time?
    You can contact us at info@spillexpert.co.uk and we can pull your last invoice.

  • What if my whole order isn't in stock?
    We will ship the items we have in stock immediately. The back ordered items will be shipped as soon as they are received to our warehouse.

  • I need more information before I buy, who can I talk to?
    We have a highly trained customer service staff willing to help you. They are available Monday to Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

  • I am looking for a product I don't see listed, can you get it for me?
    Of course we can, or at least we'll give it a go. Give us a call or email us, we will be happy to help.

  • Do you ship to America or the rest of Europe?
    Not at the moment, but if we keep expanding like we are doing then we will in the future.

Using our secure Nochex Credit Card facilities you can be assured that you are buying quality products in a secure manner.